Happy Birthday, Michael August!

Hi. We know this guy… Known him for 20ish years. Met him standing in a circle, in the dark, in the country, playing tunes w/ a bunch of other people… Nice guy. Great musician. A lot of fun… So, we became friends. Playing at different jams and such. Then, around ten years ago, we went to a ukulele fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and there he was. We had dinner, hung out, and became closer friends. Since then, we have been all over the country, on musical and non musical adventures. We’ve played together at gigs, and at parties. He’s a stand up guy, that, we count ourselves blessed to have as a friend. He’s rescued us at the airport at midnight, when travel was FUBARed. We’ve discussed, and ‘solved’ the worlds problems, talking for hours. But, today is his birthday… So, we wanted to say a VERY happy birthday to the amazing Michael August… Check out his tunes, on that Youtube thing…

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