First Friday Open Mic

Hi there… So… There’s a thing called ‘First Friday’ open mic, not surprisingly on the 1st Friday of the month, in Oregon Illinois, at the VFW club… The food is good, and the music is varied, and a lotta fun… So, here are a couple tunes we did… Not the first time you may have heard them, but, we really like them… That’s why we played them…

One Bad Day, a Tami Neilson tune we love

The Way, by Fastball. Another tune we love to play

And, our friends ‘Spare Change’ Liz and Jeff Wagner, a fun duo, and, part of the band ‘Grass Attack’ that we play together in, did a couple tunes… Here’s their tunes…

What Will Become Of Me?
If Wishes Were Horses

Liz and Jeff are a lot of fun….

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