Fire and Rain

Hey there. Happy Autumn… Or Spring…. Depending on where you are…

So, haven’t posted anything for a couple weeks- been busy w/ irl stuff… But our friend Michael August has been on us with a stick, to post our take on this James Taylor classic. The Magtones put a spin on it… Hope you like it…

SCIUC Festival

Fantastic Four hittin’ the road

Hey kids… We had a great time in Minnesota, at the SILVER CREEK INTERNATIONAL UKULELE FESTIVAL… Good music, great people, good times … Met friends from all over the country. What more could one want, for fun?

The Goober Gang, assembles at lunch
Campground zero
Two Harbors Tourists
Long way down (Split Rock Lighthouse site)
Wisconsin in the distance
Holding down the fort
A snack
Superior in the morning
Melanie performing for us
Practicing by the lake
shadows of things to come
Further in the hole. our tune onstage

Blue Heron

Hi there. Been a week or two… With all the celebrations of summer, and Independence Day, we’ve been busy.

We started this tune a couple weeks ago. It’s a Sarah Jarosz tune, Blue Heron, from her latest release. Loved it, from the first time we heard it. Our friend Mike August, (check out his YouTube page) added some killer mandolin, and vocals, to make it a really good tune. Hope you like it…

Goodbye, Al…

Our long time friend, Al, passed away a couple months ago. The time was right, last Sunday, to have a celebration/service/memorial, for him. Good words. Good tunes, in a way to honor, and remember him…

We played a tune, that we’ve done a hundred times before, mostly, with our amazing friend, Mike August ( check out his Youtube page ) . By Your Side… By the Everybody Fields… It’s what we wish we were, with our friend, Al… By his side…

Hittin’ the Backroads…


Been a week or two, but, w/ spring here, we’re doing more things, like playing music, between doing yardwork….

This is a tune, by the band, ‘Kickin’ Grass’… Good, no, great bluegrass band… We took a turn, for fun, on their tune Backroads. Our amazing friend Mike August joined us to spice it up…. Check his Youtube Channel… Hope you like it!!!

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Morning, kids… This… may be the perfect tune for our Covid Quarantine… We got the band together- Mike August, Gail Herrera, Elizabether Safley Brinker, Diane Poole, my lovely wife, Maggie, and Ernie Saunders- all amazing tune smiths on their own, and did a Dylan tune, ‘You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere’ (Easy Chair). Turned out pretty darn good, I believe… Hope you like it…