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The Magtones

Hello there!

We’re a happily married couple that enjoy life, friends, good conversation-not boring conversation , adventures, and music. We play together as The Magtones. We do art, as we’d like to see the world… A day without an adventure is. . . boring. . . We live close to the Wisconsin/Illinois border, just an hour from Madison, Wi, the San Francisco of the midwest.


We're onstage at the Willow Folk Fest.

We’re onstage at the Willow Folk Fest.

Hangin' offstage

One thought on “ABOUT US/Twitter/Instagram

  1. Hi Tim. I saw your tweet about Dish and AMC and wanted to interview you about it for a story for The Associated Press. Can you give me a call at 213-346-3157? Cheers, Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer

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