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The Magtones

Hello there!

We’re a happily married couple that enjoy life, friends, good conversation-not boring conversation , adventures, and music. We play together as The Magtones. We do art, as we’d like to see the world… A day without an adventure is. . . boring. . . We live close to the Wisconsin/Illinois border, just an hour from Madison, Wi, the San Francisco of the midwest.


We're onstage at the Willow Folk Fest.

We’re onstage at the Willow Folk Fest.

Hangin' offstage

6 thoughts on “ABOUT US/Twitter/Instagram

  1. Hi Tim. I saw your tweet about Dish and AMC and wanted to interview you about it for a story for The Associated Press. Can you give me a call at 213-346-3157? Cheers, Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer

  2. You please give me Mike August’s email. I’d like to contact him about instruction. Thanks.

  3. All you can do is leave a comment for him on YouTube. Maybe he’ll get back in touch with me. Thanks.

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