PorchFest 2023

Hi there! So, it’s that time of year again. Time for the big fun of Porchfest. This Saturday, June 10th. From 1-5pm, in Mt Morris. We- The Magtones– play from 2-3pm. The ‘new grass’ band I play in, Grass Attack, play on the SAME porch (handy for me), at 1pm… Our good friend RuthAnn Lillstrom plays at 3pm. And there are a ton of fun/talented other musicians.

Grass Attack Played Leaf River Days

Hey kids… So, this is a post about the ‘new grass’ band I play in, Grass Attack. Music on your favorite streaming service… But, we had the chance to play at Leaf River Days, a small town summer celebration. Always fun. Food. Music. And, fireworks. It’s what small towns in the midwest do, in the summer. Anyway, here’s a couple snippets of us playing… Hope you like them…

Train Long Gone
Hobo Song

Happy Birthday, Michael August!

Hi. We know this guy… Known him for 20ish years. Met him standing in a circle, in the dark, in the country, playing tunes w/ a bunch of other people… Nice guy. Great musician. A lot of fun… So, we became friends. Playing at different jams and such. Then, around ten years ago, we went to a ukulele fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and there he was. We had dinner, hung out, and became closer friends. Since then, we have been all over the country, on musical and non musical adventures. We’ve played together at gigs, and at parties. He’s a stand up guy, that, we count ourselves blessed to have as a friend. He’s rescued us at the airport at midnight, when travel was FUBARed. We’ve discussed, and ‘solved’ the worlds problems, talking for hours. But, today is his birthday… So, we wanted to say a VERY happy birthday to the amazing Michael August… Check out his tunes, on that Youtube thing…

Midnight Moonlight, and Other Tunes

Hi, been a couple days, doing things besides this… Last Tuesday was the 1st PigMinds/Opry jam. A lot of good music played. Good food and friends, shared, too… Anyway, here is one of the tunes. Midnight Moonlight, played by Grass Attack, the band that I am in. Love this tune… Hope you like it too….

… Just to prove we- The Magtones– were there, here’s a photo…

The Magtones

First Friday Open Mic

Hi there… So… There’s a thing called ‘First Friday’ open mic, not surprisingly on the 1st Friday of the month, in Oregon Illinois, at the VFW club… The food is good, and the music is varied, and a lotta fun… So, here are a couple tunes we did… Not the first time you may have heard them, but, we really like them… That’s why we played them…

One Bad Day, a Tami Neilson tune we love

The Way, by Fastball. Another tune we love to play

And, our friends ‘Spare Change’ Liz and Jeff Wagner, a fun duo, and, part of the band ‘Grass Attack’ that we play together in, did a couple tunes… Here’s their tunes…

What Will Become Of Me?
If Wishes Were Horses

Liz and Jeff are a lot of fun….