Survived the surgery


boy, the title makes it sound more serious than it was. The knee surgery went fine. Got the torn stuff outta there, and now it’s time to stretch, heal, and get ready for NYC…

The hospital staff was great. They even pulled an April fools joke on me in prep.  It was my right knee that needed the surgery, but, the woman that came in to prep my leg, i.e. shave and disinfect, pulled out the LEFT knee and started to work on that one. “Um, I’m having work done on my RIGHT knee”, I said. “April fools!”, she said… Ha….

It only took an hour for the surgery, then two hours in recovery, then an hour in the room to get dressed and wheeled down to the car… Home, and then food for the first time in 22 hours. That was nice. Maggie was a great nurse. She made sure that everything went well, for her and me… Thursday, we laid low, resting and recuperating from the adventure. I had this ice thing on my knee for three days. A bladder attached to a cooler filled w/ ice and water, with tubes that connected to the knee bladder, to ice my leg. Works great…

Today, we went on our first adventure out into the world. Starbucks, Target, Kohls, and the nature shop for birdseed. That was enough today for my knee. Home now and rest it for a while, then, who knows…? I may go back to work on Monday, depends on how good I feel, swelling wise… We’ll see.  Have to get out and about….

Thanks for listening and I will update later in the week…

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