I Don’t Understand…

You know…. There is sooooo much hate speech out there…  I don’t understand. I understand different points of view. I understand healthy, vigorous disagreement.  That’s ok. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but, I do not understand ugly, low level hate speech. Photos of Ms Obama ‘holding’ ( it’s photoshopped in) a sign that says  ‘Biden touched my penis’.  That’s just cheap, low class crap.  Someone couldn’t get their idea across w/out something like this…. That’s sad…

Same w/ someone making fun of the president’s hair, or hands…. C’mon…. Though I disagree with 95% of what he says and does, I do not think attacks like that are the way to go…  Parody is fine, but you can go to far… ‘Well, he goes to far’… you say… Yeah, but, I think America should not lie on their bellies, or go as low as someone else, to make a point…  It’s ‘ well, so are you’… thinking….

Disagree… That’s good…. Cheap shots…. No… I expect better of you, America…. Or is that your imitation of Prewar Europe… ?


Roadtrip to DC

img_4400-1So, we went on a road trip to the DC area, for a uke fest, and a fantastic tour of Washington.  Met some really great people. Saw some amazing things. Had some deeply moving experiences.

We hit the road early Thursday morning. EARLY… Like 3am cst early… But, we passed though Chicago w/out any difficulty. Twelve hours later, we’re hangin’ in the DC area.

On the road

Mike driving. Getting us to our destination

Thursday evening, we rested up, and did a little jamming…

Mike and Tim jammin’ on a tune…



Friday morning, we hit the city. The national mall, among other spots…


Stopped by Abe’s den…  You know, it’s really odd/surreal standing there, thinking of all the times we’ve seen it on tv, in the movies, and, to finally be there… Very moving…


The Korean war memorial.



Saturday morning, we headed off to the first Gaithersburg ukulele fest.  Mike taught harmonica, and did great! Lots of good reviews.img_4318During our class with Gracie Terzian. Maggie was asked to help/demonstrate how to sing and play at the same time…. Fun…img_4319

Mike’s demo at the harp class….


During dinner, we got to do a couple tunes… We hung w/ Cynna, Diane, and a bunch of other cool peeps…img_4484



Sunday, we went to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s estate… HOW cool is this?!?img_5957img_4438Monday, we hit the streets/sites again, in DC. img_4402

Diane was a fabulous host/guide/companion/friend…img_4400-1

And, sadly, we headed home on Tuesday…   57479782406__e1c83de1-f557-4a44-b56e-b1e174bcf393We cannot say how much we appreciate everyone we met, and, especially Mike, for the music, tour, adventure, friendship…