The Black Turtleneck, and Other Fashion Miracles

Hey for once this is Maggie with my very own blog entry.  Yes, I am the one Tim waxes poetic about and the funny thing is I feel I’m the lucky one.

On to the story of the fashion miracle……

If you are a faithful follower of all things Tim and Maggie you’ve seen the blog entry about my faithful summer shirt that I appeared in seemingly every place we went last year.
I’m an eclectic clothes shopper gathering items from the lowest second hand shops to the loveliest of emporiums.  I happened across a black turtleneck at our local Salvation Army last year and it was everything a person could want in a shopping experience.  It was the right size! It was brand new! It was CHEAP!
Clutching my precious purchase I hurried home thanking the fashion gods all the way that they should indeed lay such an item in my path.  My turtleneck and I were happy, I wore it tons of times and took care of it, and in turn it took care of me.  Then….. the fateful day January 5th and I had a heart attack.  My faithful turtle neck was right there with me and it survived the emergency room tornado of clothes removal and made it home safely with husband Tim.  Whew!  But things weren’t quite the same.  It was starting to show the wear and tear of a hectic life.  And me, well my new lifestyle brought weight loss and the faithful turtle neck was resigned to the bottom of the drawer.
Here’s where the fashion miracle comes in:

I was at the same Salvation Army this past week, and there it was:  The same black turtleneck. The exact same brand.  New, cheap, and in a smaller size!  My size!

Oh the fashion gods can be fickle and they can bestow blessings beyond belief.  i laughed at the whimsical
musings of the universe and thought:  “It’s a really good day today!
And it was.

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