What does whiny Al-qaeda what?

Geez, what a bunch of whiny  losers… If anyone even looks the wrong way in their direction, they want a jihaad. I bet if someone says “good morning” to one of them, it’s an all out ‘holy’ war. 

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article about what a bunch of children they are… “To Combat Obama”

Sounds like unless everyone wears the same underwear as them, and  has a hissy fit the same way, then you are of Satan, and worth killing. Must make shopping a real hassle.

Sorry, I’m not ragging on muslims, unless they are sure that unless the rest of us want to join the club that we must be slaughtered, we all have our own religion and beliefs. Lighten frickin’ up…

How to lose a little boy

Here is the latest on my godson Ethan. It’s not good. Sounds like the medical profession managed to ruin yet another soul. This is the body of the email we received last night. Please keep them in your prayers.

Ethan came home from the hospital one week ago today.
Ethan is a changed little boy. He does not sleep. He does nothing but stand or sit and stare all day when he’s not knocking stuff off furniture. He has no language, no understanding of language and no personal care skills.
We called the hospital Tuesday and the attending dr. told us to call his pediatrician. Tod took him to Children’s Hospital ER the next day and the dr. said Ethan needed more methadone. The other dr. said it was just trauma from the hospital stay. The boys’ psychiatrist said he had never heard of putting a 10 year old on methadone. My friend who has worked in drug rehab for over 10 years said that they don’t use methadone because it is harder to withdraw from than heroin. She said it sounded like Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome which is withdrawal from both opiates and pain meds. It takes 6-18 months to become completely withdrawn from that. We’re trying to get in to see the boys’ neurologist next.
Needless to say, we are crazy with fear that we’ll never get Ethan back again.
So, once again, I’m asking for your thoughts and prayers.
Thank You