I’m hip!

Well, don’t I feel smug. I’m sitting @ my closest Starbucks, & I have my touch with me. I am blogging from Starbucks on an iPod touch, drinking a vivannao. Can I get much more hip? No, didn’t think so . . .

Works well, though we had connection difficulties in the beginning. On the second try , success! So now I can blog from Starbucks, McDonalds, Barnes & Noble and where ever I can connect.
I love technology, when it works-

A mile wide and an inch deep


Yes, I know, I haven’t blogged in a lifetime. Oh well, not much to say.

But, here is something that I thought was interesting. I heard it said by the drummer for the group Wheezer. You remember them, with the ‘Just like Buddy Holly’ video and song.

He said, and I don’t remember his name, but the quote was great.

He was asked what he didn’t like about the music business, and he said

” I’m a mile wide and an inch deep”.
A mile wide and an inch deep describes most people, good or bad. I am that way. I am slightly ADD, or @ least easily distracted. I am always doing something, or several things, but never to the deepest level. I dabble but never master anything. I want to try new things while playing with different plates in the air.

We all, to some degree, are a mile wide and an inch deep. I do know a few people, who are actually a quarter mile wide, and a foot deep.

Another Pleasanton Valley Sunday. . .


it’s been a great weekend, ‘cept for the weather. . . Brrrrrrr. A new low temp on Sat. morning, but it’s been sunny and dry. Went to the farmers market in the north end, and though it’s much smaller than the Madison Wi. farmers market, it was full of fresh produce and baked goods. . . mmmm mmm. Nothing like fresh produce. Well, then otherwise, it would be fresh produce. . . duh. . . Anyway, we went the next step in our quest for better health, we joined a local health club. Nice place, and, they have spin classes. No, that’s not a class for politicians staff members to twist a visit to the mens room into something positive, it’s a stationary bike class that is supposed to be the bee’s knees. . . that’s way cool for all of you under 60.

Saturday evening, we had our friends Shirley, from Pleasanton Ca., an almost Pleasantville kinda town, over for dinner, along with Jeff and Nancy. Hadn’t been together for a while, and it was nice. Grilled out, and talked late into the night. We have a wonderful group of really intelligent, interesting people as friends. Life would be so boring without them.

Today, we are headed out, after coffee, lots of coffee, to Woodstock to the Harvesfest. Our friends Jan and Mark, without Mike today, are playing sometime there. It’s a kind of mini folk festival/ autumnal celebration, or so I’m told. Our first time there. There will be pics later @ Flickr.

Well, we’re off, so, go do something adventurous. . .


Did you know. . .?

The strawberry, a member of the rose family, is unique in that it is the only fruit with seeds on the outside rather than the inside.

I didn’t know. . . learned it from the newsletter for the Dane County Farmers Market (dcfm.org), not that it is true, ‘cuz of that. . .

A good weekend, filled with work and fun and music and bike rides and did I mention work?

I’m thinking of this weekend as practice for vacation. You know, where you take one week off from work to have fun and rest, and have to pay for the next month for it?

Life in the hectic midwest


The rain as stopped for the moment, and the sun is shining.   We have an airshow here in our town, and the Navy Blue Angels are the  big draw.   Talk about a $35,000,000 commuter vehicle . . .

We are on to various adventures today.  There are the traditional midwest yard sales to visit.  Shopping, yard work, geeking, music with friends, and who knows what.

And that’s just today.  It’s not San Francisco, or New York City, but, the pace is a little easier on the soul.

Can’t leave well enough alone, or, no good deed goes unpunished


forgot to blog for a while. Sorry.

Been busy with work, an open house there. Plus, we are having a yard sale on Saturday.  Plus, I have been trying to install a wireless card in my neighbors computer, so she can ‘borrow’ her wifi off us instead of using dial up (gasp).  However, I bought the card off ebay, and it didn’t come with a cd, so I downloaded the drivers from linksys.   I downloaded the wrong drivers, so, it didn’t work, and when I left there a little while ago, we couldn’t even get her dial up to work.  Arrrrrrr.  Technology is such a love/hate relationship.  When it works, it’s wonderful.  When it does not, it’s hell on earth, or wherever you are.   Gotta head over tomorrow after my haircut to f***k with it more, and either fix it or forget it.   Just can’t leave well enough alone.

Thanks,   I’ll feel better after my cute wife gets home.    See ya. . .

The Ever Popular Friday Update


whew, what a week.   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Yeah, I know, I use that a lot.   It’s true a lot.     This week, Maggie found out that her battle with the cholesterol monsters inside her was going much better than the cardiologist let on, damn him.   Since January, she has made great progress in lowering her ‘bad’ cholesterol. All the  modification in diet has payed off.   Needless to say, we are both in a much better place ‘cuz of it.   Our friend Shirley came back to the midwest yesterday to see her mom who had surgery, but is not coming around as quickly as hoped.   Unfortunately, her flight was delayed for over 4 hours, so, when arriving @ O’Hare, she had missed the last bus to town.  My friend Jeff and I had a guys road trip in to pick her up.  No one should be forced to sleep on a bench in an airport unless weather is beyond control, so we met her flight @ one this morning, and brought her back.  Got home and to bed around 3:30, and got up an hour later.  Well worth the trip, but I’m wore out. . .  Don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to . ..   Mmmmmmmm   😦

Cheeseburgers and a spot on the sofa next to my lovely wife tonight.  Oh, she is able to wear Mary’s clothes now. ..  .   Wow, good for her.