Comedy is easy. . . . Profundity is hard. . .


the party was a huge success. . .    Music, food, friends, more food, more music. . .     Almost everyone invited showed up.   The last of the guests left around 12:45 this morning.  Whew.  We had so much fun playing and eating and visiting and playing.   My fingers are sore still.  Jan & Mike were awesome, both for coming from the suburbs, and playing so well, as always.  Doug was in his glory.   the bearded guitar god was incredible.   As best I can tell, everyone there had a great time.

There is a moment when playing, sometimes, that makes the hair on the back or your neck stand up.   You realize that the piece you are in the middle of has a total life of it’s own, and you are in something that is going where it wants.   It’s like being in a strong river, going along with the current, but you have to paddle furiously, yet not at all, to stay in the zen of the moment.  Also, no matter how hard you try, you can’t ever experience this piece the exact same way again.  It’s a live thing and yet like smoke from a bright fire, wispy and gone in the wind.   There are times like this again, but never the same.   It’s so ethereal.

Life is good. . .

Bye. . .

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