The first day of our new adventure. . .

well, here it is, Monday already. We’ve been home again for a day now. Maggie is feeling pretty darn good, all things considered. No, she is feeling pretty darn good, period. A little tired, but all in all, no other side effects that she’s aware of. We came home yesterday afternoon, had lunch, a shower, and a nap. Then out to the store to get the ‘wow’ effect from co-workers. Ha. . . Mollie and Bill were nice enough to provide a wonderful soup for dinner, and visited for a little while. Jan and Mike stopped by for a couple minutes, and it was good to hear her retell the story of her adventure over and over, knowing how close she came, and how lucky she and we are. She actually went to work for a few hours (with me), and just did paperwork and light stuff. I made sure that there were no shenanigans, as far as over work. We called it a morning and came home for lunch and a nap. I ran some errands while she dozed.
She is absorbing things at a rate she can. There is a bunch of info, data, reading, and changes that the cardiologist says that we have to do. His name is Dr. Harner, I believe. The report in the racing guide is that he is top notch in the heart field. Ok, it’s not actually a field, it’s more of a building. . . . I have heard several glowing reports about him from various independent sources.
We’re gonna take it kinda easy for a couple days, then pretty much crank it up again to real life. For the most part, we eat like they say, exercise like they say, and have a good attitude like they say.. ….. Now we just have to turn it up a notch. . . Bam!!, as what’s his name the chef says. . . Emeril. . . . remembered. . .
Thank you all, once again for all your concern, help, thoughts, prayers, good energy, caring, and all the things that friends do for other friends.
We still have our Maggie, and, by summer, she’ll be whippin’ our collective butts on bike rides, and such. . .
Lucky me. . . . .

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