Another day. . .


the weeks progressing nicely. . . Maggie is taking time to heal, emotionally and physically. Still a surreal type thing. All in all, can’t be better. We did small stuff around the house this morning, stopping every once in a while to do a system check. Took the last of the holiday decorations down. Ran to CRF, and then to the warehouse for an hour. That went ok. Stopped for a quick lunch (salad) and then home to call the cardiologists office for the second time to make the followup visit. Called them and left a message in the morning, and they never got back. . . . Maggie got’em the second time. . .
Now she is lying down for a couple minutes to recharge and contemplate. . . They go together, you know. ..
We’re back to ‘normal’ tomorrow. She is well enough to be by herself, in my mind. She is going in @ a more civilized hour, and will either have someone near her or have her cell with her @ ALL TIMES for the very near future. I will be back to work, but in hourly contact with her. She is taking it easier for now, and won’t be in all day.
Our diet is changing slightly for now, and so is our attitude. Better and better in all ways. More later. . .

thanks. . .

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