It’s all over but the new calendar. . . .

Hope you had a pleasant and satisfying holiday of your choice. We had a pretty good one. Mary arrived on Sunday afternoon, and went home today. She arrived safely in N.J. around 2 pm our time. It’s time to take a breath and just sit. Not a thing to rush for tonight.
We went to my mom’s house on Christmas, and all in all, despite the prison van pulling up with the parolees, who, to a certain extent, acted like normal americans. It’s not that I expect Ozzie and Harriet, or the Brady bunch to show up, but an afternoon without stupidity would be nice. Who’s leaving who, or cheating on who, or who was so under the influence of something short of glycol ethanol, or in rehab for heroin. . . Sorry, just wears a bit thin, and it must be me. . .
Had a video get togeher with tod and shirley and dylan and ethan on Christmas. That was good. We used Skype, the free communication tool that works bilingually (mac and pc), and the video was great. So odd, sitting in front of a monitor, and watching someone 2000 miles away open presents, and look you in the eye. So, one must remember not to do something embarassing while talking, ‘cuz you are not invisible. A word to the wise. . .
Got lunch with Jan & Mike on friday, dinner with Mollie & Bill in the evening, a free Saturday night, and, whoo hoo, Mike’s party on New Years eve. A get together that will last into the morning on Monday. Music, food, conversation, and who knows what else to ring in the new year.
Time to have a cup of tea, and sit without talking for a little while. . .
Nite. . . .

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