Willow 2021

Hi there. Hope you are all well… We’re fine. Been busy… Hey, it’s summer. We are supposed to be busy!!! Speaking of busy, we got home last night, from the 2021 Willow folk festival. We’ve gone for almost 20 years. Last year, like sooooo many other events, it was given the year off… This year was a smaller version of the fest, but still a ton of music, in and out of the camping cow pasture area.

There were several people who had passed, some from Covid, and some from other things, and that made it a bit sad. Our friend Al, was sorely missed, but not in a ‘sad’ way, but it wasn’t quite the same without him. He ran the sound system for almost 40 years, so, that was a change. However, the very talented Bill Bartilson, has had his hands on the knobs for several years, and he made quite sure, that the music sounded great! In fact, we were told, as we came off the stage, by a group of talented young peeps, that ‘your sonic texture was the best we’ve heard all day’… Means we sounded good… We take some credit for that…

The fest is actually at a country church. The stage is a hay wagon. Seats are 2X12’s on hay bales. Rustic is the byword… Anyway, there were familiar faces, new faces, and a lot of happy faces. Some great music. Some ‘enthusiastic’ music… Talking, eating, sharing, enjoying. And yes, we were cautious, w/ social distancing …

We got to be onstage THREE times, on Saturday. Once, as the Magtones. Once, to back up our new friend, Bruce. And, finally, as the backup to our amazing friend, Tommy… All, a lot of fun, and good tunes…

We’re here!!

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