The Great Facebook Fiasco

HI there, everyone…. So, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all bit the dust for several hours, yesterday-Monday… IMO, they did us a favor, to wean us off, and, to show that we can live without them, and, that there are other alternatives to the Zuckerberg circus… I admit, I did miss Instagram a little, but other than that…. Meh…. Our lives went on. Yard work, errands, music, and projects… My lovely wife baked 2 apple pies, and a crisp, with apples we picked. Oh, even got our flu shots. So, did I miss some of our friends adventures? Yes. But, did not miss the sh1t show that can be Facebook…

Amazing apple pie

Play Music on the Porch Day

So, today is/was ‘Play Music on the Porch’ day… We took our ukes, and went down to Oregon, Il, to the Ukulele Station America, and hung w/ our friend, John Lindhorst, and the Rock River Strummers, to celebrate… Good times… 🎶

The Magtones at The Ukulele Station America
Rock River, and Pretzel City Strummers represented

Two Rivers Fest

Hey, kids. We had the great fun of going to the Two Rivers Music Fest, a couple times, this weekend. Great tunes. Great friends. Big mosquitoes. 😉 🦟… Seriously, some amazing musicians… We were lucky enough to play on Thursday evening…

The Magtones, on the Two Rivers Stage
The lovely Maggie, ready to hit the stage

SCIUC Festival

Fantastic Four hittin’ the road

Hey kids… We had a great time in Minnesota, at the SILVER CREEK INTERNATIONAL UKULELE FESTIVAL… Good music, great people, good times … Met friends from all over the country. What more could one want, for fun?

The Goober Gang, assembles at lunch
Campground zero
Two Harbors Tourists
Long way down (Split Rock Lighthouse site)
Wisconsin in the distance
Holding down the fort
A snack
Superior in the morning
Melanie performing for us
Practicing by the lake
shadows of things to come
Further in the hole. our tune onstage

Willow 2021

Hi there. Hope you are all well… We’re fine. Been busy… Hey, it’s summer. We are supposed to be busy!!! Speaking of busy, we got home last night, from the 2021 Willow folk festival. We’ve gone for almost 20 years. Last year, like sooooo many other events, it was given the year off… This year was a smaller version of the fest, but still a ton of music, in and out of the camping cow pasture area.

There were several people who had passed, some from Covid, and some from other things, and that made it a bit sad. Our friend Al, was sorely missed, but not in a ‘sad’ way, but it wasn’t quite the same without him. He ran the sound system for almost 40 years, so, that was a change. However, the very talented Bill Bartilson, has had his hands on the knobs for several years, and he made quite sure, that the music sounded great! In fact, we were told, as we came off the stage, by a group of talented young peeps, that ‘your sonic texture was the best we’ve heard all day’… Means we sounded good… We take some credit for that…

The fest is actually at a country church. The stage is a hay wagon. Seats are 2X12’s on hay bales. Rustic is the byword… Anyway, there were familiar faces, new faces, and a lot of happy faces. Some great music. Some ‘enthusiastic’ music… Talking, eating, sharing, enjoying. And yes, we were cautious, w/ social distancing …

We got to be onstage THREE times, on Saturday. Once, as the Magtones. Once, to back up our new friend, Bruce. And, finally, as the backup to our amazing friend, Tommy… All, a lot of fun, and good tunes…

We’re here!!

Getaway House

SO, for fun, we did the ‘getaway house’ thing, for a couple days, in western Michigan… It was fun! Tiny, but, it was nice for a couple days….

Our getaway
Pano of inside
At the lake
On the pier

Well worth the size, and such, to get away… Google Getaway House, for the url…

The Ferryman

Hi there… Sorry we haven’t posted anything since the end/beginning of the year… Been a lotta stuff happening… But, we’re fine, and, we’re back to posting, playing, doing….

Anyway, here is a video we did, to celebrate St. Patrick’s day… The Ferryman… About the people and land, round the River Liffey, which runs through Dublin Ireland… We first heard the tune in a 300 year old pub, when we were on a trip… Hope you like it…

Too much social distanced fun…

We went on a social distanced road trip, this weekend.

We hung w/ amazing people, who, have been quarantined and social distancing… ‘Cept for this…

So, Mike- Back row, right- entered a contest to win a fabulous Bonanza five string ukulele, from Pete-back row, left- and sure as shootin’, Mike won! Dilemma, ship it? Or, wait! Pete had a great idea… ‘Why don’t you come and pick it up?’… Dee-front row, left, in the tie dye- said, ‘bring the Magtones!’… That’s us… So, the plot was hatched… Pete and Dee invited Mike, and his lovely wife Ann-back row, center- and the us, to come to their corner of the world, and spend Thursday-Sunday morning, w/ them…

We arrived Thursday afternoon, and proceeded to join Pete on his Facebook show. How fun… And joined him on the Friday show. Fun! And, the Saturday show… More fun! Great tunes. Fun interaction w/ the peeps on the other side of the camera, and, just hangin’ out w/ all of us…

Dee, a mistress of the kitchen, fed us AMAZING southern food, til we thought we’d gone to food heaven… What a chef, and sweetheart….

There was as much heartfelt conversation around the house, and dinner table, as there was music… It… Does not get much better than that…

Sunday morning, rolled round, and, it was sadly, time to head back north… We shall deeply miss them, IRL, til we get to meet again…

Man, What a Summer…

Here we go…

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything… Been a bit busy and in a tulmult, like everyone else. Laid off. Terminated. Means I’m retired. Actually, the best thing that could have happened to us!

We went to Utah. That was a fun road trip. Low-key, but enjoyable. Was informed, about 4 hours into the trip, that I was retired. That was interesting… However, everything fell into place, because of out research and planning, so, we’re golden. When we arrived home, we started a new chapter in our lives.

The downside to this summer, was, and is, the cancelled events that we were to attend, in our victory lap summer. Memphis. The UK. Minnesota. Two Rivers. So many musical, and tour trips killed by Covid. We’ve been able to attend small, outdoor, distancedevents, and that’s been nice, but…

There have been home projects. Yard projects. Recording projects. Cookouts with friends. So, we are keeping busy. Seems, that there’s more to do now, than when I worked!

Celebrating our 25th anniversary was a wonderful milestone with a wonderful woman. I am a very lucky man… Onto another (as many as possible) years…

Fiddleheads coffee
Daily tomato harvest