Man, What a Summer…

Here we go…

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything… Been a bit busy and in a tulmult, like everyone else. Laid off. Terminated. Means I’m retired. Actually, the best thing that could have happened to us!

We went to Utah. That was a fun road trip. Low-key, but enjoyable. Was informed, about 4 hours into the trip, that I was retired. That was interesting… However, everything fell into place, because of out research and planning, so, we’re golden. When we arrived home, we started a new chapter in our lives.

The downside to this summer, was, and is, the cancelled events that we were to attend, in our victory lap summer. Memphis. The UK. Minnesota. Two Rivers. So many musical, and tour trips killed by Covid. We’ve been able to attend small, outdoor, distancedevents, and that’s been nice, but…

There have been home projects. Yard projects. Recording projects. Cookouts with friends. So, we are keeping busy. Seems, that there’s more to do now, than when I worked!

Celebrating our 25th anniversary was a wonderful milestone with a wonderful woman. I am a very lucky man… Onto another (as many as possible) years…

Fiddleheads coffee
Daily tomato harvest

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