Party time


party update! Still recuperating. With all the cleaning, cooking, yard work, and partying, we were pretty well worn out. We had a great time! The weather was co-operative, and 15 people managed to make it. Jeff & Nancy, Keith, Chris, Claudette, Rise’ & Pierce, Bill & Mollie, Dan & LuAnn, Robb & Theresa, Stan & Beth and of course Doug, were nice enough to come out and join us. Quite the cross section of americana. Good people, one and all.

We ate picnic food, hamburgers, brats, polish, potato salad, and the like. We sat in the yard ’til almost 1, jamming, singing, sharing, and having fun. We sang hippie tunes, John Denver stuff, show tunes, and a little bit of everything. Maggie introduced her new Taylor GS to the world. I am so proud of her. Such a talent in so many ways.

I haven’t figured out why everyone puts up with our changing the deck into a stage, but they keep coming back. Lucky us.
I know it’s strange, but we turned the garage into the serving area. A plan c in case it rained, we wanted to have easy access to the food.

We had a great time, and I would venture to say that everyone else did too.

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