Mad about you. .. .

just a post script to our day. We went to the farmers market in Madison today. I can’t tell you how good getting fresh, no, really really fresh produce can be. You meet the grower, farmer, creator face to face. The interaction is so unusual. You buy a pint of peppers. You get a bottle of home made jelly. You come home with a bag of little tiny potatoes, and you know that you met the person that baked, picked, made this the day before, or that morning, in the dark, and brought it to the grounds of the capitol building. You get to talk to them, and they look you in the eye and say ‘thanks’, and mean it.

Today, I went over to the Starbucks, on the south side of the square, and as I turned around to leave, I ran into our friend Robb ( Such a nice guy. He was up on business, and we got to visit for a couple minutes. Maggie mentioned later, that it’s so interesting how, as one gets out and lives their lives in a positive way, that you meet and get to share with good people. We’re so lucky.
After we bought more fresh veggies than we know what to do with, we went to Madison music (, and wandered through guitar paradise. We’ll leave it @ that.
Might be the scandihoovian part of me, but I must jam as much into the day as we can. Autumn and winter come too soon, so we must go now, and sleep then. Up, ride, play, sing, jam, go, go, go. Caffiene is a wonderful thing.
The ever popular bike with the Legos for tomorrow, and then who knows? I don’t. So, do all one can.
I appreciate you stopping by once in a while to see what we’re up to. We’re happy and lucky that you are interested.

Later, things to do, no place to go tonight though, gotta rest sometime.

Nite. . . .

4 thoughts on “Mad about you. .. .

  1. p.s. while I was at the video site, I watched your SF trip video again. I really, really want a copy of that picture of the 4 of us at the chinese rest. I'm asking you publicly! Now the whole world will pressure you. 😉

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