BCUF. 2022

Hey kids… Well, we are home from our first adventure in a while… We were lucky enough to go to the Brown County Uke Fest, over the weekend. 2021 was canceled, like everything else, last year. This year, we got lucky. Headed off Thursday morning, with our friend Mike, and, 10 minutes later, a call from our dear sister Diane, that she was coming too!!! SURPRISE! Now, it was gonna be a full blown party. We visited with old and new friends. Played a metric ton of music. Watched amazing musicians, and made it home in one piece, no worse for wear… Seeing Diane was a high point. Hadn’t in real life, in a year and a half…. A big thanks to Mainland Ukes, Mike Hater, Pete and Dee McCarty, Greg Gent, Jeremy Roberts, Denise Martin, Devin Scott, Sam Anderson, AND a hundred other people, who made it a killer weekend… 🎶

Here are a few pix and videos from the adventure….

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