Willow 2019

Well, we’re home from another amazing cow pasture/hay wagon musical adventure. Had a great time, as always, with good friends, good food, and great music…

Wanted to share a few videos and photos from the Adventure…

Always a favorite, and Mike (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdMeXz5BCizOf6oQojlv43w )  tears it up, on harp…


Sweet Pea, is a fun tune… Part blues. Part ‘old timey’


One of my favorites…. Nat King Cole set a standard that can’t be touched, but, we touched the song….



We were lucky enough to play with the amazing ‘Tommy Gun’ (Tom Gowan) and the always percussionistic Dr Brad

This video doesn’t exist


Then, we did Losing My Religion, after ONE practice… Not too shabby…!!



A few assorted pix….  Again, good times….



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