Getaway House

SO, for fun, we did the ‘getaway house’ thing, for a couple days, in western Michigan… It was fun! Tiny, but, it was nice for a couple days….

Our getaway
Pano of inside
At the lake
On the pier

Well worth the size, and such, to get away… Google Getaway House, for the url…

Hittin’ the Backroads…


Been a week or two, but, w/ spring here, we’re doing more things, like playing music, between doing yardwork….

This is a tune, by the band, ‘Kickin’ Grass’… Good, no, great bluegrass band… We took a turn, for fun, on their tune Backroads. Our amazing friend Mike August joined us to spice it up…. Check his Youtube Channel… Hope you like it!!!

The Ferryman

Hi there… Sorry we haven’t posted anything since the end/beginning of the year… Been a lotta stuff happening… But, we’re fine, and, we’re back to posting, playing, doing….

Anyway, here is a video we did, to celebrate St. Patrick’s day… The Ferryman… About the people and land, round the River Liffey, which runs through Dublin Ireland… We first heard the tune in a 300 year old pub, when we were on a trip… Hope you like it…

Merry/Happy Christmas

Hi there… Hope you have, all things considered, a good holiday season. Not here to argue about holidays, the economy, etc, just to wish you all the best that the Season can offer, by bringing out the best in people…

We have tried to do more holiday like things, to offset the heaviness of the pandemic, strife in politics, and all the dark of this year… Be baked cookies, like we haven’t in 20 years.

Homemade Cookies!

We have played more music, to lighten the season.

We have tried to be more kind, to all around us….

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Morning, kids… This… may be the perfect tune for our Covid Quarantine… We got the band together- Mike August, Gail Herrera, Elizabether Safley Brinker, Diane Poole, my lovely wife, Maggie, and Ernie Saunders- all amazing tune smiths on their own, and did a Dylan tune, ‘You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere’ (Easy Chair). Turned out pretty darn good, I believe… Hope you like it…