So, Guess I’m a Bluegrass Bass Player…

Hi there. So, we’ve been busy for a week or two… Camping, music, playing, gigs… We went camping in Southern Illinois a couple weeks ago, at Rend Lake. Did the ‘glamping’ thing… We rented a site for a weekend, and, rented a camper. Cool thing… The camper was delivered and set up. We came. We stayed. We left. And then the camper went home… A couple days before we went, got a phone call from our friends in the amazing ‘new grass’ band, Grass Attack, asking if I played bass guitar… ‘Yeah, sort of’ (for my own amusement)… Their great bass player was injured, and they wanted me to fill in for a gig at the Pheasant Hollow winery there. Being friends, I said sure! Just don’t expect too much… I can hold the line, but….. Brought my bass w/ us, and, we did the gig on Sunday, and, it went pretty good, if I do say so, myself…

Grass Attack at the winery

Well, since that gig went well, so, they were nice enough to ask me to fill in again, this last weekend, at a big time Bluegrass show. Their bass player unfortunately was still incapacitated, so I filled in again. Even got a new shirt, to blend in.
Here’s a snippet of a tune we did. Cash on the Barrelhead… They are amazing musicians, and friends…
Cash on the Barrelhead

What fun!!! Honored and proud to be able to help out a little bit…. A fun time!!!

On Stage

Grass Attack (and friend)

Hamin’ it up…

Hey there. So, we had a great time, Saturday, at Katie’s Cup, playing for Cars & Coffee… Lots of people. Some friends. The Rockford Ice Hogs Hockey team mascot Hammie, stoped by, to… Our friend Mike August joined us, for the gig… Always fun when we’re together. Our next gig, is Thursday, June 2nd, at the Midtown Farmers Market, from 10-12 or so… Stop by, if you’re in the area, and say hi!

Haming it up…

The Magtones Summer Schedule

Hi there! As the spring/summer is forming up, I wanted to post our list, as of right now, of places we will be playing. If you get a chance, stop by, and say hi!

Saturday, May 7th from 10:00am-12:00pm Cars & Coffee at Katie’s Cup 502 7th St Rockford, Il

Saturday June 4th 10:00am-12:00pm Cars & Coffee at Katie’s Cup 502 7th St Rockford, Il

Thursday June 2nd Midtown Farmers Market 11:00am-1:00pm  400 block of Sixth st (old Amcor parking lot- north)

Saturday June 11th PorchFest Mt. Morris, Il… Details to follow

Thursday June 23rd Midtown Farmers Market again. 11:00am-1:00pm 400 blk Sixth St. 

Saturday July 2nd North End Farmers Market 11:00am-1:00pm East of Main & Auburn round a bout

Friday July 29th City Market folk stage 5:30pm-8:00pm Downtown City Market

JUST ADDED: Saturday, August 6th, Playing at the Soil Sisters Pizza on the Farm. 4-9pm At the Inn Serendipity
W7843 County Road P, Monroe, WI 53566, United States

Friday Sept 23rd City Market folk stage 5:00pm-7:30pm Downtown City Market