Secret Agent Man…

Hey kids… So, have loved this tune since it was released in 1966. Very hip/edgy and all that… The original tv show was called ‘Danger Man’, when first produced in 1964 in the UK. When it came to the US in 1966, title was changed to ‘Secret Agent Man’… Johnny Rivers had a hit w/ the tune… A lot of Cold War spy tv shows and movies then. This one, ‘the man from UNCLE’, ‘The girl from UNCLE’. James Bond… Etc… But always liked this tune…. Anyway, here is The Magtones version, w/ a lot of help from our friend Mike… He always makes a song better…. Hope you like it…

Play Music on the Porch Day

So, today is/was ‘Play Music on the Porch’ day… We took our ukes, and went down to Oregon, Il, to the Ukulele Station America, and hung w/ our friend, John Lindhorst, and the Rock River Strummers, to celebrate… Good times… 🎶

The Magtones at The Ukulele Station America
Rock River, and Pretzel City Strummers represented

SCIUC Festival

Fantastic Four hittin’ the road

Hey kids… We had a great time in Minnesota, at the SILVER CREEK INTERNATIONAL UKULELE FESTIVAL… Good music, great people, good times … Met friends from all over the country. What more could one want, for fun?

The Goober Gang, assembles at lunch
Campground zero
Two Harbors Tourists
Long way down (Split Rock Lighthouse site)
Wisconsin in the distance
Holding down the fort
A snack
Superior in the morning
Melanie performing for us
Practicing by the lake
shadows of things to come
Further in the hole. our tune onstage

So Much To Say…


A few photos from our trip with our friend Mike, to the Funky Frets ukulele fest. And, testing to see if I can post video straight to WordPress

Facebook lately has been such a black hole, that I want to start to post more, here, and have more control

Our open mic tune. By Your Side, with Mike makin’ it great w/ some harp…

Maggie, after our train ride


Maggie, Nani, Diane, Mike, and…. Me…