Fun at Funky Frets…

Been a couple weeks since I posted. Been busy getting ready for this adventure… We left at 3am cst, for Pennsylvania and a ton of fun…

On the road

Spent the night in Somerset, Pa, cuz it’s too difficult to drive all the way in one day…


Made it to Pottstown/Boyertown the next day, and the fun begins…

Waiting for the class

Mike, Sharla, and Diane


Louise, Mike, Diane, Kelly, and Sharla

Kurt, Louise, Magtones, and Mike…

Train Ride jam

Magtones having fun

It was a great trip/adventure. Kelly, and Funky Frets killed it…. So many good friend, and fun… Kurt, Kendra, Cheryl, Pete/Dee, Diane, Sharla, Louise, and 182 other close/new friends… And now, onto more fun!!

Under Pressure….

Hi. So, I’m going to try to share a few of the amazing video jams from the Memphis Uke & Roll Fest, last weekend. So many talented people, sharing tunes and love…. The talented Ray Cygrymus, Kirk Jones, Sharla Rae, and Tina Zee … ABSOLUTELY killed it, w/ ‘Under Pressure’… An impromptu ‘let’s play this’, Kinda thing… So good…

what talented people!

Memphis Uke&Roll

Hey kids… So, we went to Memphis last weekend, to a ukulele festival. Been looking forward to this for two years… We shall not speak of pandemics… Our friends Mike and Ann picked us up, and off we went down the road.


First Stop

Arrived in the early afternoon, and from that point on, it was go, see, do, listen, share. We went to a meet/greet bbq dinner Thursday evening… Good fun!

jamming at the table

We got to play a tune, at the open mic, after dinner….

Route 66 at the BBQ

Friday, we wandered the downtown/Beale St area… What musical history…

Headed for Beale St
Beale St!
Excited to be on Beale ST!
Waitin’ for the bus
Made it to Sun Studios!
Actual mic used by THE artists
THE spot where Elvis recorded his first tune

Got to hang w/ several of our friends, in real life (IRL) for the 1st time in forever, and, in some cases, for the first time


This is just a part of what we saw, heard, and experienced… A great time…

Secret Agent Man…

Hey kids… So, have loved this tune since it was released in 1966. Very hip/edgy and all that… The original tv show was called ‘Danger Man’, when first produced in 1964 in the UK. When it came to the US in 1966, title was changed to ‘Secret Agent Man’… Johnny Rivers had a hit w/ the tune… A lot of Cold War spy tv shows and movies then. This one, ‘the man from UNCLE’, ‘The girl from UNCLE’. James Bond… Etc… But always liked this tune…. Anyway, here is The Magtones version, w/ a lot of help from our friend Mike… He always makes a song better…. Hope you like it…