The Great Facebook Fiasco

HI there, everyone…. So, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all bit the dust for several hours, yesterday-Monday… IMO, they did us a favor, to wean us off, and, to show that we can live without them, and, that there are other alternatives to the Zuckerberg circus… I admit, I did miss Instagram a little, but other than that…. Meh…. Our lives went on. Yard work, errands, music, and projects… My lovely wife baked 2 apple pies, and a crisp, with apples we picked. Oh, even got our flu shots. So, did I miss some of our friends adventures? Yes. But, did not miss the sh1t show that can be Facebook…

Amazing apple pie

Autumn arrives like a warm summer day


well, summer is over.  We were short changed here in the midwest this year on our allotment of summer. Nothing we can do about it now.  Just look forward to the next season. Autumn.  Dry crunchy leaves. Short days, with longer nights.  Cool, windy evenings. The sounds of nature cachubg it in for another year.  But, there are things to be thankful for in every season.

We will

Harvest things

Harvest things

do our best to do that.  So, Happy Solstice!