Two Rivers Fest, and, Straw Sculpting Fest

Hey kids… So, we have a couple gigs this weekend… We play Friday at 4:30pm, and, Saturday morning, at 11:35am, at the Two Rivers Bluegrass Festival. So will several other amazing musicians. It’s free. Come out, it’ll be fun! And, to make it more interesting for me, I will play bass for/with the amazing Grass Attack, at 5ish Friday, and 11ish Saturday morning.

Grass Attack, W/ me on bass
Magtones onstage

Our latest, new, surprise gig, will be Sunday, 12:30-2ish, in Mount Morris, Il, at the Straw Sculpting Festival. Amazing sculptures, made from straw. Yes, that is why the name….

Mr Peanut


Ah, spring in the midwest.

Off, here and there.  Day trips over Memorial Day, to lunch with friends. Yardwork til you are sick of it. Bike rides down trails you have never traveled.

 Up at 4:30 am to work on a Saturday, but the payoff is more fun than we should have, the rest of the weekend. 
The anticipation of the upcoming summer, when we go til we can’t go anymore, and want more…