Make the best of a situation

Hey there. We were supposed to play at a local coffee shop- Katie’s Cup- for an event called ‘Cars & Coffee’… However, nature decided that we deserved 4″ of HEAVY wet snow… So, said event was canceled…. We were bummed… But, I thought…. Why can’t we play live from our living room, for the nice people who would have stopped by… So… We did…. It’s just a living room concert kinda thing… Nothing fancy, but, fun… Hope you enjoy it… And thanks to all our friends who stopped by!!!

Magtones Live!

Katie’s Cup, the sequel

Hi. Welcome to autumn… Been gettin’ chillier around the midwest, the last couple days….. And speaking of the last couple days, we played at Katie’s Cup, a local coffee house, and indoor farmers market, last Thursday. We play again, on Nov. 18th, from 10:30-12:30pm cst… Stop by, if you are in the neighborhood! Anyway, here’s a few pix and video snippets that our friends, Rise’ and Mollie shot. Very nice of them to stop by….

So here are a few pix and video snippets that our friends Rise’ and Mollie shot, while getting a coffee…

Up the neck
Beltin’ out the tune
Goin’ to Carolina
Sunshine Superman