Make the best of a situation

Hey there. We were supposed to play at a local coffee shop- Katie’s Cup- for an event called ‘Cars & Coffee’… However, nature decided that we deserved 4″ of HEAVY wet snow… So, said event was canceled…. We were bummed… But, I thought…. Why can’t we play live from our living room, for the nice people who would have stopped by… So… We did…. It’s just a living room concert kinda thing… Nothing fancy, but, fun… Hope you enjoy it… And thanks to all our friends who stopped by!!!

Magtones Live!

Merry/Happy Christmas

Hi there… Hope you have, all things considered, a good holiday season. Not here to argue about holidays, the economy, etc, just to wish you all the best that the Season can offer, by bringing out the best in people…

We have tried to do more holiday like things, to offset the heaviness of the pandemic, strife in politics, and all the dark of this year… Be baked cookies, like we haven’t in 20 years.

Homemade Cookies!

We have played more music, to lighten the season.

We have tried to be more kind, to all around us….

… And so, it begins…

Morning, kids… I’m realizing, again, that, from this point, Labor Day in the USA, that, we are on a downhill slide, so to speak, until January 5th, or so. Summer is winding down, and modding into cooler, darker weather. We’re ramping up for holidays, events, changes, and so many speeding days. We’re getting ready for autumn- a lovely time of year in the midwest, though, I prefer summer- then, Halloween. A BIG holiday for my family. Launch from that into the Thanksgiving season, again, here in the U.S. And then, Yule, Christmas, Solstice, and all the other holidays… The glide into New Years, and then… Quiet and cold…

So, hold onto your whatever, and, here we go!!!