Our Porchfest Gig

Hey there. So Saturday, we were lucky enough to have a slot at Porchfest, in Mt. Morris, Il. Despite a little light rain, we got to be in a gazebo, so that was cool. Several nice people came and stayed for the 45 minutes, and listened… Always fun to play for people… We- being geeks- did a Facebook live stream, for friends across the country, who couldn’t make it to Mt. Morris… Uploaded the video to Youtube, so, here is the link… All 53 minutes of it…. No, you don’t have to watch all/any of it, but you can skim through… Hope you like it……


Dinner and a Jam at Pig Minds

Hi there… So, our friends, Liz and Jeff Wagner, the duo ‘Spare Change’ and part of the killer ‘new grass’ band, Grass Attack- find their music on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and other sites- met for dinner at the local hipster brewpub Pig Minds. While there, Spare Change, ‘may’ have chatted w/ the brewpub about setting up an acoustic jam- no electric instruments or drums- starting Tuesday July 5th… on a weekly basis, from 5-8pm cst… Way cool news……..

Magtones/Spare Change

So, Guess I’m a Bluegrass Bass Player…

Hi there. So, we’ve been busy for a week or two… Camping, music, playing, gigs… We went camping in Southern Illinois a couple weeks ago, at Rend Lake. Did the ‘glamping’ thing… We rented a site for a weekend, and, rented a camper. Cool thing… The camper was delivered and set up. We came. We stayed. We left. And then the camper went home… A couple days before we went, got a phone call from our friends in the amazing ‘new grass’ band, Grass Attack, asking if I played bass guitar… ‘Yeah, sort of’ (for my own amusement)… Their great bass player was injured, and they wanted me to fill in for a gig at the Pheasant Hollow winery there. Being friends, I said sure! Just don’t expect too much… I can hold the line, but….. Brought my bass w/ us, and, we did the gig on Sunday, and, it went pretty good, if I do say so, myself…

Grass Attack at the winery

Well, since that gig went well, so, they were nice enough to ask me to fill in again, this last weekend, at a big time Bluegrass show. Their bass player unfortunately was still incapacitated, so I filled in again. Even got a new shirt, to blend in.
Here’s a snippet of a tune we did. Cash on the Barrelhead… They are amazing musicians, and friends…
Cash on the Barrelhead

What fun!!! Honored and proud to be able to help out a little bit…. A fun time!!!

On Stage

Grass Attack (and friend)