I Don’t Understand…

You know…. There is sooooo much hate speech out there…  I don’t understand. I understand different points of view. I understand healthy, vigorous disagreement.  That’s ok. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but, I do not understand ugly, low level hate speech. Photos of Ms Obama ‘holding’ ( it’s photoshopped in) a sign that says  ‘Biden touched my penis’.  That’s just cheap, low class crap.  Someone couldn’t get their idea across w/out something like this…. That’s sad…

Same w/ someone making fun of the president’s hair, or hands…. C’mon…. Though I disagree with 95% of what he says and does, I do not think attacks like that are the way to go…  Parody is fine, but you can go to far… ‘Well, he goes to far’… you say… Yeah, but, I think America should not lie on their bellies, or go as low as someone else, to make a point…  It’s ‘ well, so are you’… thinking….

Disagree… That’s good…. Cheap shots…. No… I expect better of you, America…. Or is that your imitation of Prewar Europe… ?


Thanks to the Geek Gang

had our monthly geek club meeting last night. Smug, our local Apple user group. A good group of people, that really know their stuff. A big hats off to Alan, for a great demo of virtualization apps. Answered a bunch of questions on that subject… Also, kudos to Kevin, for keeping us up to date, with the disc of the month, and, for keeping us in the loop as far as new Apple news & products.
Thanks, we appreciate it!

It’s not the same. . .

Seeing something on TV in not the same as being there.   “Well, now I’ve been to Alaska, and Ireland, and haven’t left home”.   A statement from a friend @ work yesterday, after he watched the 10 minute slideshow/movie that I put together from our media taken on our trip to Ireland.  His wife got back from a trip to Alaska a couple weeks ago, which he declined to take.  So, he has seen her media, and ours, and thinks himself well traveled. 

That’s kind of like saying you had a steak by looking @ an advertisement.  Or more to the point, that you had sex by watching an adult film. . .

Not the same. . .  .

I know that travel can be difficult, and sometimes going to another country can be a challenge, but, it is an experience that is life changing.  Watching someone else’s memories is polite, but isn’t going to give you the same rush as coming over the hill and seeing a 12th century abbey that you have had on your laptop, phone, and ipod as a desktop, since January. 

As the cruise commercials say, “get out there!”. .  . or Nike- “Just do it”.

I’m sorry, I want more to my life than a photo of a steak.