Not this year…


so, last week, I was doing my dog & pony show, here @ work. A very sincere show, btw, for a tour group of prospective customers.  Later, the sales rep came back, and told me that I was the best salesman that the Co. has.  Whoa, that was unexpected.  Nice.

Today, I was informed that I am not up to snuff enough to receive a raise this year. “If you received one last year, you won’t receive one this year”.  Well, don’t think that didn’t inspire me….  I don’t understand.  I’m here constantly. I really care about the quality of the product, and that the customer receives what he needs & ordered. I work through lunch, and long hours.

Short of offering up my wife for carnal pleasures for management on a weekend retreat, I am not sure what I can do to increase my stature, or pay…

I can’t do better than that


I have been trying to get the time to continue to post about our trip to Ireland. However, life gets in the way constantly. 

So, if you want a much better reading experience of our trip, go to for the best posts.  Maggie has been doing her usual wonderful job of sharing her thoughts, this time on our tour.   Go there for the indepth read of our Ireland adventure.

I’ll try to get caught up, but she really does a better job.



The wearin’ of the green

Boy, where do I begin?

How are you all doing? We are starting to get back in the swing of things here in the midwest. Not really knowing what time it is, or where I am, this is a bit of a challenge.
Oh, if you want the in depth, semi professional blog experience, then you need to go to If you are here for my ramblings, good for you.
I shall try and keep this as brief as I can in my scenic road trip manner.

We flew into Dublin last Wednesday morning, around 9 am, Dublin time. We got on the plane around 7pm cst, Tuesday evening, so, in the magic of time zones, we turned a 7 hour flight into a 14 hour adventure. Be honest, which of you is able to sleep for more than 20 minutes @ a time on a plane? Bouncy, noisy, uncomfortable, one is doing well to sleep @ all. Fortunately, when we arrived @ the hotel, our rooms were ready. We tried valiantly to jump out the taxi door, and go tackle the largest city in Ireland, but, fatigue met us when we got out and slapped us in the face. We went to our room and napped for 4 hours. Collapsed would be more accurate. Getting up after a couple hours, we headed out on to the streets. Ok, the sidewalk. IMG_0828 We both had our maps, so we kinda had an idea where to go. We had set up with our friends that we would be in front of a B&B around 6 dublin time, noon cst, and they would see us on a traffic webcam. We got there in short order, and to my horror, since I have been watching this camera for a month to test it, the camera wasn’t pointing @ the B&B. We hung around for a while, and then figured that nobody was watching or care. Later, we found out that several friends did see us! Way cool. They saw us standing on a street corner in Ireland. Evidently, the camera that was pointed @ us, was not visible, or, a small, unobtrusive camera. Anyway, we were seen in the midwest, while being in Dublin.IMG_0839
After an hour or two, we wandered back to O’shea’s, the B&B for dinner. Ah, our first experience with bad Irish food. A nice interior, that was what one thinks of with an Irish pub. However, dinner was not even mediocre. Oh well.

Thursday, we wandered around town again. We went back to Temple Bar again. It’s an area downtown that is way cool and hip. Old shoppes, tiny streets, cool things. IMG_1945_2
Breakfast was much better than dinner the night before. A neat little restaurant with a hip feel. But not too hip. After breakfast, we headed in the general direction of the Dublin Castle. A building that was started around 900 ad. Whew. We wandered around the outside, but, the tours were booked up for the rest of the day, so, we caught a taxi to the Guinness brewery. Our taxi driver’s name was Patrick O’brien. Seriously. And what a nice man. Pleasant, easy going, and good @ what he did. We had a wonderful 10 minute tour of the area we were in. One of the nicest persons we met in Ireland, or, one of the most outgoing people.
Anyway, one has to go to the Guinness plant, whether or not one drinks it. It’s kind of like going to San Francisco, and not going to Fishermans wharf. The plant isn’t actually a plant, it’s a mini museum of stout. 7 stories tall, with a 360* view of the city. We finished the tour, had our pint, and then back to the hotel. We were about to meet our tour group.
The tour actually started @ 3 pm Dublin time. We came in a day early to start the adjustment to euro time. Some of our tour members were picked up @ the airport, and brought to the hotel to drop off their luggage, pee, and then back on the bus to head out to see the city. Or, actually, nap on the bus. The did not come in a day early to adjust to a time zone 6 zones ahead of some of them.IMG_0878 We went around the city, and, stopped @ Trinity college, to see the book of Kells. It’s a book of the gospels that was one of the few that wasn’t destroyed in the ‘my god is bigger than yours’ wars. It was found in a peat bog, after around 800 years. Way cool. It’s those decorative fancy starts to chapters drawings.
IMG_0830All around the town, and then back to the hotel for drinks and dinner. Met some of our team mates, and then on to bed for the next day. Out to the country.
More later. . .

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. . .


well, Solstice is just a couple days away.  For the last month or so, the birds, the sun, and us, have been up earlier and earlier.  I love this time of year.  It’s like a rejuvination or recharging of the soul.  Faster, longer, brighter days are on the horizon for the next month or two.  Then, it starts that long slide into winter.   Out of the two seasons we have here, this is my favorite.  

Get out and enjoy it!

A better weekend so far. . .

boy, so far, this weekend is starting better than last weekend. We haven’t had as much stress in a long time, as last week. Tonight it’s warm and summer like. We grilled out after we went to the health club, and now we’re getting ready for bed. I have to be there @ 5 am, so it’s an early night. Tomorrow, we’re busy, and then, hopefully, a romantic, quiet evening, just the two of us. My beautiful wife is the love of my life, and she deserves more than she gets.
Sunday, we’re still on track to go to Plano with Mollie and Bill to see the Farnsworth house.
Anyway, let’s meet here later. . . We’ll share details . . . .

Weather or not. . .


well, here we are, the first full week in June, and it’s that time of year where it’s light when we go to bed, and light when we get up.  Here in the midwest,  right now, it gets dark around 9, and gets light around 4:30.  So, we’re just surrounded by light, and I love it.  Must be the scandinavian or manic part of me.

However, the weather has not been quite as co-operative so far.  Hot one day, rainy and cold the next.  One has a hard time getting a pattern going, or any real time to practice bike riding, or something outside for any real length of time.  The last two summers have been slow starting too, but ended up being hot and sunny for most of the season.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have yet another summer such as that. Other wise, it’ll be a long, damp, cloudy, not doing anything outside summer.  .  .