Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. . .


well, Solstice is just a couple days away.  For the last month or so, the birds, the sun, and us, have been up earlier and earlier.  I love this time of year.  It’s like a rejuvination or recharging of the soul.  Faster, longer, brighter days are on the horizon for the next month or two.  Then, it starts that long slide into winter.   Out of the two seasons we have here, this is my favorite.  

Get out and enjoy it!

A better weekend so far. . .

boy, so far, this weekend is starting better than last weekend. We haven’t had as much stress in a long time, as last week. Tonight it’s warm and summer like. We grilled out after we went to the health club, and now we’re getting ready for bed. I have to be there @ 5 am, so it’s an early night. Tomorrow, we’re busy, and then, hopefully, a romantic, quiet evening, just the two of us. My beautiful wife is the love of my life, and she deserves more than she gets.
Sunday, we’re still on track to go to Plano with Mollie and Bill to see the Farnsworth house.
Anyway, let’s meet here later. . . We’ll share details . . . .

Weather or not. . .


well, here we are, the first full week in June, and it’s that time of year where it’s light when we go to bed, and light when we get up.  Here in the midwest,  right now, it gets dark around 9, and gets light around 4:30.  So, we’re just surrounded by light, and I love it.  Must be the scandinavian or manic part of me.

However, the weather has not been quite as co-operative so far.  Hot one day, rainy and cold the next.  One has a hard time getting a pattern going, or any real time to practice bike riding, or something outside for any real length of time.  The last two summers have been slow starting too, but ended up being hot and sunny for most of the season.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have yet another summer such as that. Other wise, it’ll be a long, damp, cloudy, not doing anything outside summer.  .  .