Our Really Big Tent

Our journey to the annual Willow Folk Festival begins tomorrow, and in preparation we decided it would be a good idea last Sunday to set up our tent in the back yard.
The tent we’d been using the past couple of years was not our favorite, and when I found a tent on clearance last November we were more than happy to dispose of the old one at our spring yard sale.
Since this one was new we figured we better make sure it’s okay before we go.

I’m sure the reason this one was left over was because it was initially expensive and big. Did I mention big?
Tents can be like purses or shoes, it’s hard to find the exact right fit for the occasion.

Yes, you mostly just sleep in them, so what’s the big deal? Well if it rains you spend more time in them then you’d like, and this is a music festival, so we have our guitars to keep in there too, and you have to move around in them with all the stuff you bring.

Well this one is plenty big, really big. Like I never have seen a tent this big. It even has a door frame. And a porch/awning thing. It took us 15 minutes just to figure out how to put the rain flap on.
Like the Taj Mahal in nylon.

The guaranteed waterproof part will come in handy though. The forecast is not too good. Rain Friday, really hot on Saturday followed by really really hot on Sunday. Oh well, the past couple of years have been cold, so it all balances out.

Well, that’s what makes for an adventure, so stay tuned for photos and stories next week.

A Busy Day

time for bed, but I wanted to post a quick note.  We had a good day. We were up early & out.  We ran errands, but then on to fun.

We went to a small music festival in Nelson Il, called the “Who Else” fest. A great site, with a nice stage, good people, & a lot of fun music.

We had to leave for a party, so we played early.

This is us in the middle of our set.. Jan & Mike played too. I”ll post them tomorrow.

Go figure…


Camp site

Camp site

so, you know that we were @ a folk festival in N. Illinois last weekend with 600 other music lovers/ partyers.  We’re sitting around in the afternoon, practicing & playing. One of the older bluegrass players , a wonderful, 70+ year old extrucker from a small town in Wisconsin says to us: ” say, anyone know anything about this Linux? I am so tired of Windows”.  We all just kinda stopped, and stared.  It was like your favorite grandfather asking you how to hack your iphone or something like that.  


Go figure what will come up in a cow pasture in the summer time….

Found the tent

we are getting ready for our camping trip to the Willow Folk Festival, in Northern Illinois on Friday. It’ll be a great weekend of music, friends, fires, and fun.
We found the tent, the shady thing, the inflatable mattress, and the chairs for sitting while jamming.  We grilled the food tonight, ‘cuz we found that it’s easier to cook & freeze it now, rather than cook from scratch there. Go figure.
      New strings on the guitars tomorrow, so they can stretch out before Friday evening, & then, load up the car.  It’ll fit, it’ll fit, it’ll fit.   Good thing we have a Vue to pile it all in. Last year, we had a storm around 2am on Sunday. A nasty assed storm that pretzeled several tents, shade things, and general mayhem. We were home by 4am. No sense setting it all back up.  Hopefully, nothing like that this year.

Can’t wait!!!!!

There’ll be photos & videos later..

Independence day

we’re celebrating our independence today.  It’s a metaphor, of sorts, since we are dependent on other countries for oil, which makes us a second rate county with no power.
But that’s another post.
Today we are enjoying summers pleasures of sun, food, friends, fun, and life in general in the usa. 
The company I work for is directly across the river in town from the launch site for the fireworks.   Can’t have a better seat.  We bring a dish to pass, guitars, friends, and an anticipation for the later festivities.  Things blow up directly over us, in wonderful colors and sounds. 
A good way to celebrate and start a vacation.