Flowers around the neighborhood


We have so many lovely small gardens in our neighborhood. My lovely wife snapped this, on a bike ride…

Stone Bridge trail

The Stone Bridge, of 'The Stone Bridge Trail' fame...Stone Bridge trail by magtimmag
Stone Bridge trail, a photo by magtimmag on Flickr.

After a busy weekend of chores, errands, humdrum, we decided to go for a bike ride this afternoon, to a lovely route. The Stone Bridge Trail is in northern Illinois, and gets it’s name from a massive limestone block bridge, assembled in the late 1800’s… You don’t realize that you are even riding over it, but, there are observation points-not that a bridge needs observing,but- to see the stream going through the area…
A perfect summer day to feel the sun on your back, the smells of dust, foliage, crops, and the wind carrying the sounds of several species of birds… Life is good…..

The adventures of vacation

We have been on vacation sine Friday afternoon. Sort of a forced vacation. Have to take a week off of work, unpaid, so it was around the fourth of July, so, I took vacation.
On Saturday, we went to a party with fireworks, music, food, and friends.Jammin'

It was good to see everyone.
Sunday, we went on our annual black raspberry picking adventure with Mollie & Bill.Fresh berries

On Monday, we went on a bike ride out in the country. We rode the Jane Addams cycling trail in Northern Il

trailIt’s been a great vacation so far. It’s always an adventure with Maggie.

He’s a’comin’ home


our friend, John Dempsey, Christie’s husband, is one day away from home now.  He made it to Lacrosse Wi yesterday, but is too far from home to make it today.  He will, tomorrow, barring bad weather, be arriving in his driveway.  John, and a friend, as you remember, flew to Seattle, shipping their bikes, and then starting riding east.  His friend had to drop out in Dakota, but John continued on, making it almost all the way home.

What a story, what drive, what a guy. It would make a great documentary. . .

Keep your fingers crossed, and him in your thoughts and prayers. . .

Get your motor running. . .








wow, what a wonderful week so far. Perfect weather. At least I think so, but most of our readers and writers would disagree. How can one not ride to work, when it’s like this? Even a few of my badass co-workers rode today. I guess if there isn’t a cupholder for the latte on their bikes, they can’t ride to work in the morning.

Oh yeah, my bike is the blue one in the middle. . .

I plan to ride more than them this year. . .

How ’bout you?