Flowers around the neighborhood


We have so many lovely small gardens in our neighborhood. My lovely wife snapped this, on a bike ride…

Stone Bridge trail

The Stone Bridge, of 'The Stone Bridge Trail' fame...Stone Bridge trail by magtimmag
Stone Bridge trail, a photo by magtimmag on Flickr.

After a busy weekend of chores, errands, humdrum, we decided to go for a bike ride this afternoon, to a lovely route. The Stone Bridge Trail is in northern Illinois, and gets it’s name from a massive limestone block bridge, assembled in the late 1800’s… You don’t realize that you are even riding over it, but, there are observation points-not that a bridge needs observing,but- to see the stream going through the area…
A perfect summer day to feel the sun on your back, the smells of dust, foliage, crops, and the wind carrying the sounds of several species of birds… Life is good…..