So, Guess I’m a Bluegrass Bass Player…

Hi there. So, we’ve been busy for a week or two… Camping, music, playing, gigs… We went camping in Southern Illinois a couple weeks ago, at Rend Lake. Did the ‘glamping’ thing… We rented a site for a weekend, and, rented a camper. Cool thing… The camper was delivered and set up. We came. We stayed. We left. And then the camper went home… A couple days before we went, got a phone call from our friends in the amazing ‘new grass’ band, Grass Attack, asking if I played bass guitar… ‘Yeah, sort of’ (for my own amusement)… Their great bass player was injured, and they wanted me to fill in for a gig at the Pheasant Hollow winery there. Being friends, I said sure! Just don’t expect too much… I can hold the line, but….. Brought my bass w/ us, and, we did the gig on Sunday, and, it went pretty good, if I do say so, myself…

Grass Attack at the winery

Well, since that gig went well, so, they were nice enough to ask me to fill in again, this last weekend, at a big time Bluegrass show. Their bass player unfortunately was still incapacitated, so I filled in again. Even got a new shirt, to blend in.
Here’s a snippet of a tune we did. Cash on the Barrelhead… They are amazing musicians, and friends…
Cash on the Barrelhead

What fun!!! Honored and proud to be able to help out a little bit…. A fun time!!!

On Stage

Grass Attack (and friend)

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