I Don’t Understand…


…Am I missing the outrage here? In my old, cornfield mind, I don’t understand the anger about selling beds to the company that is operating the detention centers. Anger about the condition of said centers…got it… It is a whole other package of anger, about whether the undocumented/illegal/refugee thing… but, in the small picture, so to speak, Wayfair employees cranked about selling beds, so at least the refugees/illegals/undocumented can sleep, is, a bit odd.. a plus/plus situation… Wayfair makes money selling beds. people get to sleep in beds. the rest of it, is a totally different argument….
Or, am I missing something…..? Just talking about the sell beds, so people can sleep on them… the rest is an argument I do not want to have, here…

Thanks you, as always, New York Times, for a great source of news…



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