I Don’t Understand…

You know…. There is sooooo much hate speech out there…  I don’t understand. I understand different points of view. I understand healthy, vigorous disagreement.  That’s ok. That’s how it’s supposed to work, but, I do not understand ugly, low level hate speech. Photos of Ms Obama ‘holding’ ( it’s photoshopped in) a sign that says  ‘Biden touched my penis’.  That’s just cheap, low class crap.  Someone couldn’t get their idea across w/out something like this…. That’s sad…

Same w/ someone making fun of the president’s hair, or hands…. C’mon…. Though I disagree with 95% of what he says and does, I do not think attacks like that are the way to go…  Parody is fine, but you can go to far… ‘Well, he goes to far’… you say… Yeah, but, I think America should not lie on their bellies, or go as low as someone else, to make a point…  It’s ‘ well, so are you’… thinking….

Disagree… That’s good…. Cheap shots…. No… I expect better of you, America…. Or is that your imitation of Prewar Europe… ?


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