Summertime, and the living’ is…





Summertime. My favorite season. I apologize to my friends for going on and on and on about what a great time of year this is, but… IT IS! Sure, we have paralyzingly hot days. More sunshine than some countries get in a year. Yard work and chores up the perverbial wazoo, but, it’s all worth it, to see that morning glow, or the red dusk. In between, we manage to slip in-besides work 😦 – cookouts, bike rides, visits to other cuties, and musical venues. We have trips to Wisconsin to see parks and lakes and guitars and friends. We cherish breakfast on the screened in back porch, listening to Pandora’s Bossa nova channel, listening to the multitude of birds, and planning what adventures that will consume our days.
Yea, I’ll take this season, and and use it up!

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