To Snip or Not to Snip


We are finally, seriously, thinking of cutting the cord, so to speak, from Dish Network, and our land phone line. We would install a Roku on one tv, and an Apple tv on the other. It would save us $100+ a month. However, our 10+ megabit Uverse Internet has been spastic the last week, and, if you can’t count on the Internet you have, you are toast. The alternative would be to ‘man up’ to Comcast Internet for $60 a month, and wonder about the evening slowdown…
Our Dish Network contract is up in August, so we have a few months to ‘think ‘ about, and do a bit of research. We actually watch only an hour or two of programming a night, so if we made the switch, it wouldn’t really affect our viewing, and, we may actually get to practice our ukuleles and guitars more, along with more reading.
All things to ponder during the next couple months… Have to have SOMETHING to ponder whole enjoying the best three months of the year…

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