Spring Burrito…


Well, we've spent the day doing more fun stuff than chores. Oh sure, we did the usual- laundry, dishes, etc, AND a bike ride, but, we also took time to stop & smell the burritos/roses. We went to lunch with our friends, the Legos' at Chipotles. We WERE going to eat at Paneras, BUT they did not have the outdoor seating set up, though we have had temps in the 80's for two weeks… You lost a sale there, Paneras… Anyway, since we wanted to be out in the sun, and air, Mollie suggested Chipotle. Never a bad call. We met there, ordered, and sat out til conscience forced us to head home for a few more chores/projects… Sigh… But while we were there, it was the best of times. Good food. Good food. A good life. As Maggie just said AGAiN a few minutes ago,
" socializing is as important to life as food, or anything else"… And, it is… To sit on a lovely day, with friends that have been a part of ones life for twenty plus years, is one of the things that keeps the heart going…
And a good burrito on a sunny day…


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