Pagan Marshmallow Sacrifices

We were lucky enough to get together with friends on Saturday night for a bonfire to celebrate the largest full moon in, what, twenty years. A wonderful dinner of grilled cheeseburgers, fixings, conversation with good friends, and, for dessert, the ever popular Midwest favorite- s’mores.
However, we made a minor miscalculation- we picked up the GIANT sized marshmallows. They do not fit in a normal s’more. They ooze and fall out and off the graham cracker. Sigh- failure. Luckily, there were normal marshmallows in quick range of purchasing. So, we did…
But, for fun, Maggie tossed one of the monstermallows into the fire, and, WOW, did they come alive! Expand. Sizzle. Move. Smoke. Whoa… And so, we would, on occasion toss another one in to appease the girl scout goddesses…
A fun night…

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