a blender of thoughts

Haven’t posted anything of note since the holidays. This is usually the doldrum time of year for us. Having survived the slippery slope from Halloween to New Years day, there is a bit of time to recover, and acclimate to the dreary part of winter.   We veggitate, watch movies, sleep, and just seem to move a little more slowly than the rest of the year.

But that changes now. It’s February, and, for one thing, it’s going to be Valentines’ Day soon. Maggie’s work schedule will crank up to Warp 6 here in a few days. All the hubbub of men rushing in for flowers at the last minute, will take up a large portion of her week.  That… is another story in itself…  We have longer days starting now, so that helps the attitude.  We have jams of various sorts, no, not fruit on toast, to look forward to.   Starting to allow ourselves to think of adventures of summer.

We have hopes and wishes and desires, for the coming year. Don’t we all?  We are hoping for a better year for all of us. We are wishing that things are less stressful, cuz we all have too much of it lately. We desire to have ‘better’ for all us… I think we’re all about ‘due’ for it…

So, here’s to longer days, brighter futures, and happier times…

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