You never know you affect people …


So, last Saturday was the monthly bluegrass jam in Poplar Grove.  Not a bad day, all in all. We’ve all played better, and worse. Just an even kinda day.  As we got there, and found a table to have lunch at, and to put our stuff, I saw a couple behind us. They were in the process of ordering off the menu. So, always being the chatty type, I offered some choices to eat.  We talked for a second, then each on to their day in The Grove. Us playing, them, hopefully, enjoying.  We played an hour or so later, then had lunch, and listened to the music too.  We left around 4, and the couple were still there. End of the day at the jam for us.

Flash to the grocery store the next morning… That would be Sunday…  I am picking up some items as Maggie is off somewhere else, getting the things on her part of the list.  A couple comes up to me, and asks if I was at the jam yesterday. Yup, it was the couple behind us, the day before. This time we had a chance to talk for a minute. Turns out, that they had never been to the jam before, and absolutely loved it. The woman was originally from the middle of Ireland, and, the jam totally reminded her of home. Going to the pubs for music and socializing is a big part of Irish life, and she told me that it really was such a touch of home that she had to tell me.  Her brother lives in the USA now too, in the area, and she was going to tell him about it, so he can enjoy the live music. We talked for a couple minutes, about Ireland, live music, and some of this & that.

So… you never know how what you do affects people.  You may think that something doesn’t have repercussions, good or bad, but it does. Hopefully, like this, it’s for the good.  I’m glad she loved the music, and, that she will come back to the jam.

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