Willow ’09

It rained, it was damp, it rained, it was hot, humid and more humid. Did we have fun. Of course we did.
See picture of the afore blogged tent. When we arrived at Willow on Friday afternoon it had been raining for about 5 hours. Real rain, not that pretend rain.
You can see the motor home of friend Mike in front of our car.
We had a lovely compound set up, and even though the weather was damp we did some jamming Friday evening and enjoyed just sitting in a cow pasture.

Yeah, it was that muddy

The “road” down the middle of the camp area was well chewed up by the time we arrived
due to the heavy rain & we all had our fingers crossed that come Sunday we would be able to get out.

Haute cuisine

Nothing like the fine eating experiences you have while camping.

Really it works best to keep food to a minimum for us. I’m not big into cooking and cleaning up while camping. So we prepared most of our food before hand and just heated it up. We did eat more than hot dogs. Note: these are 97% fat free weiners. Even while camping you have to do your best to eat healthy.

Ground zero for us
That’s Art’s Air Stream trailer, our tent and Mike’s motor home.

The compound as we referred to it. If you’d heard the weather we had you wonder if it’s worth being out there. Saturday morning it started to rain about 3 and rained another 5 hours. We hung out in the compound and gave each other grief till the sun came out and we went over to sign up for a time slot to perform.

Tim in the tent

Tim called this a hobbit door on the tent. Yes it really did have a door. And note the lovely rug in front of the door. That’s the rug I crocheted with plastic bags. It worked out great. Think I’ll make an even bigger one for next year.

We did our gig on the stage, and I was surprised at the all round turn out. We had fun, and that’s the big thing. Well that and entertaining the audience. After all it is a fund raiser for the church.

After all the joking I’ve done about the incredibly big tent I have to say I was very happy we had that one. Yes, it was really waterproof. Just 1 or 2 drops of water on Saturday.

Did get a chance to hang up my

curtains on Saturday. Nice for shade and just a lovely all round accent for the campsite.

We packed up and left this morning so we could get home and unpack the carload of stinky clothes and smoke permeated stuff and catch up on some sleep before going back to work tomorrow.
You really need earplugs if you want to sleep at this festival. It’s not the drum circles. I enjoyed that. It’s the fact that some campsites do not go to sleep till dawn.

After people have been enjoying an evening of “good times” they are not using indoor voices even though it’s 3 in the morning. Alas, not everyone comes to Willow to enjoy playing & enjoying music. Some people pay no attention to the music at all. To each his own.

It’s these sorts of events that keep us going in the dead of winter. I know in January I’ll think of how the music flowed in the lantern lit campgrounds. How we laughed and shared stories. All the memories of rain, mud and humidity will fade and I’ll start making plans and going through the song books looking for good songs to share and thinking how I can improve the campsite decorations.
Farewell to Willow Folk Festival of 2009. Hope to see you again next year.

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