Our ‘New’ Gig

We're playing "as tears go by"
Our friend Mike, got a gig at a local farmers market, Friday afternoons. He was nice enough to offer us the chance to be the ‘break band’ while he rests. We get to play a half an hour at a stretch. It’s fun, and a nice way to get some microphone/audience practice. Maggie gets better and better, though she was good before, with the mic. I am getting used to playing acoustic with a pickup, or, plugged in. Not the same as playing on the deck or in the house with friends. It’s also good practice for the Willow folk festival, which is Aug 8th & 9th. Our annual camping trip, with music…
It’s a nice little market, where, things have to be local, as in grown/made within like 30-50 miles, I believe. Our friends, the Lombardos, are involved, along with several really nice people. It’s been fun, the 3 Fridays we have played.

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