Chocolate for Autism Support

Hello there,
if you know us, you know that our best friends have autistic twin boys, Ethan and Dylan. So, autism is a cause that is obviously close to our hearts. Well, it must be close to the Lindt Chocolate people too. They are donating a percentage of the price of a Lindt Gold bunny to Autism Speaks, a support/research group. Lindt is sponsoring the Walk for Autism too. Click the links to find out more….
So, if you have a few extra bucks, need chocolate, need candy for Easter, or, all of the previous, then, please, purchase a Gold bunny or two, or, three, or… It’s great chocolate, and, you’ll be helping in the battle against one of the most insidious diseases we are effected with…
Also, you can go to the Autism Society of America for more information from them too.

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