Found the tent

we are getting ready for our camping trip to the Willow Folk Festival, in Northern Illinois on Friday. It’ll be a great weekend of music, friends, fires, and fun.
We found the tent, the shady thing, the inflatable mattress, and the chairs for sitting while jamming.  We grilled the food tonight, ‘cuz we found that it’s easier to cook & freeze it now, rather than cook from scratch there. Go figure.
      New strings on the guitars tomorrow, so they can stretch out before Friday evening, & then, load up the car.  It’ll fit, it’ll fit, it’ll fit.   Good thing we have a Vue to pile it all in. Last year, we had a storm around 2am on Sunday. A nasty assed storm that pretzeled several tents, shade things, and general mayhem. We were home by 4am. No sense setting it all back up.  Hopefully, nothing like that this year.

Can’t wait!!!!!

There’ll be photos & videos later..

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