Yeah, another great weekend

well, here it is, past time for some of us to be in bed. After all, it’s a school night.  We had a great weekend. We went to a party @ our friends Rise’ & Pierce’s house.  Rise’s son Jordan, and his wife Peggy, mainly, Peggy, had a baby girl a couple weeks ago. The party was so we could meet Allie Rose, and share in Rise’s happiness.   Cute little girl, and nice party.
Saturday morning, bright and early, we picked up our friends, Mollie & Bill, and off we went to the farmers market in Madison. One of the best in the country. Yes, you’ve read about it here before.  Can’t beat it.  Fruits, veggies, cheese, baked goods, and every one, a photo op before becoming a gastronomic adventure. Finished that, and off to the Wollersheim winery, about half an hour from Madison.  Never liked wine that much ’til we went there a couple years ago.  Good stuff. Back to Madison, after buying a case of wine, and sharing a bottle on the balcony.  Oh, for a hammock and an nap then.
  We had lunch @ Bluphies, our favorite restaurant in Madison.  Rockford needs a restaurant of that caliber & under stated atmosphere.  Good food, well prepared, with an ever changing menu. They always are on their toes, as far as the food.  A quick Starbucks, so we wouldn’t fall asleep on the way home, and back to Rockford, with a quiet night ahead.
First thing on Sunday, yardwork.  Pullin’ weeds, waterin’, clippin’, oh boy.  Off for errands, a bit ‘o breakfast, and then back home to work on our set list for our 15 minutes of fame next weekend @ the Willow folk fest.  That’ll be another big adventure.  If you want to see it, you can also go to & search for magtimmag.  Good stuff.
Now, on to bed, and start the week all over.  Still hard to believe that a couple weeks ago, we were wandering around Ireland.  Sigh. . . .

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