It’s not the same. . .

Seeing something on TV in not the same as being there.   “Well, now I’ve been to Alaska, and Ireland, and haven’t left home”.   A statement from a friend @ work yesterday, after he watched the 10 minute slideshow/movie that I put together from our media taken on our trip to Ireland.  His wife got back from a trip to Alaska a couple weeks ago, which he declined to take.  So, he has seen her media, and ours, and thinks himself well traveled. 

That’s kind of like saying you had a steak by looking @ an advertisement.  Or more to the point, that you had sex by watching an adult film. . .

Not the same. . .  .

I know that travel can be difficult, and sometimes going to another country can be a challenge, but, it is an experience that is life changing.  Watching someone else’s memories is polite, but isn’t going to give you the same rush as coming over the hill and seeing a 12th century abbey that you have had on your laptop, phone, and ipod as a desktop, since January. 

As the cruise commercials say, “get out there!”. .  . or Nike- “Just do it”.

I’m sorry, I want more to my life than a photo of a steak.

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