The Mad City once again

The start of a great weekend, once again. Last night we had dinner, and then went shopping for new clothes and shoes for Maggie. Since she is wasting away to nothing since her heart incident, she has shrunk out of all of her clothes. Now we have to shop for all new ones. Lucky her. Today, we went up to Madison for probably the last time this season for the farmers market. October is so fickle in the midwest, that you don’t know from day to day whether it’s gonna be hot, cold, warm, cool, sunny, rainy, or what. . . So we went today and got fresh mushrooms, peppers, amish pies, and bags of stuff that will make us sad when it’s gone. Winter is so long without fresh produce from the growers. We had a great lunch @ our favorite restaurant in Madison, Bluphies. 10 years now, we have been dining there, and it’s still our fav. We have eaten there more than any other restaurant, except maybe Beef a roo.
We stopped by Madison Music to see our friend Mike, and look @ all the guitars. No, none came home with us-today. Maybe soon. Tonight, Doug is coming by to visit and jam, and, maybe, the evening will have an interesting twist.
It’s a long time ’til dawn . . . .

Have a good rest of the evening. . .

Our friends, Mollie and Bill, are out west. This is a photo that they sent us. How they mow the lawn out in big sky country.

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