More adventures



we went for a bike ride today with Mollie & Bill. We rode from their house to Rock Cut park, where Bill and I did a lap around the park, and then, back to their house. Maggie did great! Best ever, I think. Tore it up, and didn’t get fatigued. Good practice for our trip to Wisconsin later in the week.
Home for a shower and a nap and then out to dinner with Mollie and Bill. Mollie’s company did the window blinds for a new chain restaurant in the area. Granite City Brewery. So, since the restaurant did a dry run for opening next week, they hand out dinner passes to test the cooks and staff. Mollie’s company got some, so they took us to try it out. It’s not bad. Not great, but not bad. Might go back, but it’s pretty uninspired. Just like most chain places, but the waitress was pretty good, and it was free. . . granite.jpg
Had a coffee @ the closest Starbucks, and then home to watch West Wing, and relax, since we don’t have to rise early on Monday.
Oh yeah, the pic is from Peggy’s jam yesterday. She was nice enough to send a couple pics of us.
Time for bed. More tomorrow. . .

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