Countdown to the Weekend ! 5-4-3-2-


just a quick update from me.   Been busy, like that’s out of the ordinary. Work, yardwork ( kinda like I could copy and paste this), and it’s been hot.  Maggie has been wading through jell-o, so to speak, with one of her meds.  Wears her out, but we’re taking care of that.  Being seasonally bipolar, I’m loving this time of year.  It’s light ’til after 9 cst, it’s hot, and it’s always time to do something.  Sleep in the winter.  Right now-GO, DO !
Which brings us to the next portion of our blog program.   A trip to the farmers market in the mad city on Saturday with Mollie, Bill (it’s their car, so they get to go) and Kathy, Mollie’s sister.  Kathy is coming in from Colorado late Friday evening, just to go to the farmers market.  Ok, maybe not. Maybe she is coming to go to the farmers market, and the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Ok, maybe some other stuff too, like seeing her family, which I grasp, but do selectively.

The rest of the weekend is kinda up in the air, so I hope it doesn’t blow away. . .  ha, sorry. . .
Jan and Mike are headed to Arkansas to see Mike’s parents, so that’s out, so I think we’ll try to get together with Doug and jam for awhile.  And then there is the ritual of planting the annuals and herbs and peppers and all the other stuff that isn’t perennial.   A must do in the midwest, after the threat of frost is past.

Oh yeah, there’s always auto racing to fall asleep to.  The Indy 500 and, my personal fav, the Coca Cola 600.   No, I don’t understand why I watch either. . .
Time for the 10 minute commute to work.  . .
Have a good holiday, and weekend.   Oh, don’t forget that it is Memorial day, and take a moment to remember why it’s memorial day. . .


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