we love technology. . .

A young man i work with lives in a small duplex, where there are four of the buildings together in a little complex.   He thought that things were sometime a little out of place.  We all do that kinda thing.  Maybe we didn’t put it back or we misplaced it, or it really wasn’t where we thought. . .

But my young friend was sure that things were amiss.  So, he bought 4 wireless video cameras for ‘watching’ his home.   They are connected to his laptop.   Well, yesterday, his apt. had a new window installed.  The ‘caretaker’ of the four buildings was there for that. However, he then went through my friends file cabinet, dresser drawers, bank statement, tool box, and then invited a neighbor in to have a beer while they did this- all caught on ‘tape’ on the computer through the wireless cameras.  

He is talking to the landlord tomorrow, and hopefully, the police.

Makes me even more confused about things that move in my house. . .

mmmmmmm. . . .  .

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